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South Capital Garden

When I went back today, I was pleased that the peach tree and apple tree, planted last fall, had fruit on them, and the blue spruce trees had grown, the ash trees looked good,…

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Riding Out the Spring Frosts in New Mexico

So here we are, April 20, and my little Reliance peach is in full bloom, and we had a storm all weekend that has caused a couple of nights of 28 degrees.

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Santa Fe Gardening in November

Gardening is a game of gambling sometimes. We try new things and hope for the best.

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Glory of Autumn Grasses in Santa Fe

In summary, experiment, repeat often but use much variety, don’t get attached, and have fun.

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Santa Fe Tomato Peach Salsa

After all, what is better than two much of a good thing? Double that.

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September in the Santa Fe Garden

I approach every September with mixed emotions, and sometimes I feel that that my plants follow me into this cycle.

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August Santa Fe Gardens

So much changes every day and it’s a battle to keep up with pruning, harvesting and attention to detail, but worth every minute of the battle.

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