September in the Santa Fe Garden

I approach every September with mixed emotions, and sometimes I feel that that my plants follow me into this cycle.  It is almost like every day is a going away party, much like I hope to feel the summer that my son graduates from high school.  It is a celebration of all of the glory of the plants successes as well as that bittersweet feeling that nothing ever stays the same.

IMG_2216  The trees that worked so hard on their apples bear them proudly, keeping then on their branches for us to share, still growing and adding sweetness with every day and night.  The tomatoes that survived three hail storms and a flock of pests now proudly serve up heirloom tomatoes by the bowl full every day, while their neighbor basil kicks in some extra for flourish.  Our uninvited guests, a flock of self seeded cherry tomatoes have been harvested and pulled to keep room for everything else. Salsa abounds as well as spaghetti sauce and many dinners of sliced tomatoes and goat cheese.  Life really couldn’t get any better. Every day is a celebration, a gift, and a bounty of food and beauty.

IMG_2282My pots, not yet tired of their own private color festival, push on.  The dahlias that took up too much space before blooming are now the star of the show.  The gaura makes a lively second with it’s wisps of deep pink.  The petunias, with the help of an ogranic substance called BT, have fought off the worm invasion and are joining in the chorus.  Same for the geraniums.  I can’t see where one pot ends and another begins, but that’s ok for this season.  Maybe next year there will be more room, or I will rearrange a little.  Is there more space? There is always more room for improvement but I like that in September, it’s just not the time.  September is the time to take in the fruits of the efforts for this year and enjoy things for what they are.