September in the Santa Fe Garden

I approach every September with mixed emotions, and sometimes I feel that that my plants follow me into this cycle.

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Potato Gratin

What to do when your gafills up with potato foliage? Well, cut the tops off to make room for sunlight to reach other plants near by, but that means dig up most of the potatoe…

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Fresh Sour Cherry Cobbler

My favorite is the cherry. For many years now I have had a Montmorency Cherry tree right outside the back door. If we use them just for snacking, they are very bitter.

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June Glory

Welcome to the summer solstice. We are through the planting rush and ready to kick back and watch things grow.

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Cilantro green chile pesto

This pesto is not for the faint of heart, but none of my recipes will be. We all know how to throw together the ordinary.

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Garden Fresh Arugula Salad

Herbs: take a small handful of clippings from any ripe herbs that you have.

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Raspberry Macarons

Sometimes life gives you lemons, sometimes raspberries…

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