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Riding Out the Spring Frosts in New Mexico

So here we are, April 20, and my little Reliance peach is in full bloom, and we had a storm all weekend that has caused a couple of nights of 28 degrees.

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Santa Fe Gardening in November

Gardening is a game of gambling sometimes. We try new things and hope for the best.

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September in the Santa Fe Garden

I approach every September with mixed emotions, and sometimes I feel that that my plants follow me into this cycle.

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August Santa Fe Gardens

So much changes every day and it’s a battle to keep up with pruning, harvesting and attention to detail, but worth every minute of the battle.

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Potato Gratin

What to do when your gafills up with potato foliage? Well, cut the tops off to make room for sunlight to reach other plants near by, but that means dig up most of the potatoe…

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August 1 Container Gardens

Why worry if your house is surrounded by deck and no garden to look out from your windows? …

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Santa Fe Gardening in July

This is the time of year where it is easy to take our gardens for granted, and to let them go. The young love phase is over. The dog days are here.

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Fresh Sour Cherry Cobbler

My favorite is the cherry. For many years now I have had a Montmorency Cherry tree right outside the back door. If we use them just for snacking, they are very bitter.

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