Peaceful Cactus Sanctuary in Baja

DSC00115Recently John and I had the opportunity to visit Southern Baja. In the lovely small eco village of Cabo Pulmo, we ran into some friends from Santa Fe by pure coincidence. As they had been traveling for a couple of weeks, they were coming from La Paz, our next destination. “Make sure to visit the Cactus Sanctuary”, they advised.

The Cactus Sanctuary is just that. A little hand painted, peeling sign guides you off of the main road down a rough dirt road for a few miles. It is easy to miss, and if you are into only groomed plants, worth missing. Yet it is on another level very interesting, and very sweet. My claim to fame there is that I saw a hummingbird resting in its nest. While in Santa Fe I do everything that I can to attract and feed hummingbirds, I get to see them eat, fly and chase each other, but not rest. My guess it was something in the cactus flowers.